Quicksand For Bugs!

Get rid of unwanted house guests for good using our extremely effective, eco friendly traps. Every powder trap uses an innovative, non-toxic quicksand powder made from egg shells to capture and eliminate household pests without toxins or regular maintenance.

After years of research and over 100,000 happy customers, our patented powder traps make quick work of problem cluster flies, asian ladybugs, ants and earwigs.


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Clean Natural Living Free From Toxins

    Cluster Buster for window flies

    Cluster Buster for window flies


Our traps are clean, simple and have proven to outperform every other trapping method, including pesticides.

Eco Friendly
We create eco friendly, non-toxic and family safe products.


Bugs quickly sink in our patented lightweight powder made with eggshells, keeping insects out of sight and out of mind.