Quicksand For Bugs!

Our extremely effective, eco friendly traps use an innovative, non-toxic quicksand powder made from egg shells to capture and eliminate household pests.

After years of research and over 100,000 happy customers our patented powder traps make quick work of problem cluster flies, asian ladybugs, ants and earwigs.


Our customers say it best...

"Within hours of putting up your traps, there is peaceful silence, no more buzzing! I wish I had found these wonderful traps a lot sooner."  Sue, Pickering Ontario
"Since putting up the Cluster Buster traps I have not had to vacuum flies from our windows! No buzzing flies or unwanted 'guests' at mealtimes. Awesome product!"    Mike, Massey Ontario

Look for us at the 2016 Fall Cottage Life Show, booth 262, at the International Centre on Airport Road in Toronto, October 21st to 23rd. See you there!


Our traps are clean, simple and have proven to outperform every other trapping method, including pesticides.

Eco Friendly
We create eco friendly, non-toxic and family safe products.

Bugs quickly sink in our patented lightweight powder made with eggshells, keeping insects out of sight and out of mind.